Episode 60 – Rebecca-Monique Williams.

Heart-led leader & Head of People at Attest. I was so inspired by my recent conversation with Rebecca-Monique Williams who is head of people at tech startup Attest and one of the most authentic heart-led leaders I have had the pleasure to meet. I first met Rebecca-Monique after watching her deliver her first Disrupt HR … Continue reading Episode 60 – Rebecca-Monique Williams.

Episode 59 – Dr Jarik Conrad.

Sr. Director of Human Capital Management Innovation at Ultimate Software This was an incredibly rich and insightful conversation with Jarik as we flowed between a wide range of topics including inclusion, awareness, vulnerability, leadership, technology and so much more. We even learned about a new Equity at Work council which is a super exciting development … Continue reading Episode 59 – Dr Jarik Conrad.

Episode 58 – Mike Vacanti.

Leadership & Culture Transformation; Speaker & Founder of the #HumansFirst Club. I just loved having this discussion with the passionate and inspiring Mike Vacanti. Mike shares openly that he has only stepped into his vulnerability and sought feedback from a range of data points in recent years.  In a very open and free-flowing conversation, we … Continue reading Episode 58 – Mike Vacanti.

Episode 57 – Nilofer Merchant.

Innovation requires tapping #Onlyness, the source of all ideas. I was blown away by the insight and clarity with which Nilofer deliveries her inspiring messages around our unique Onlyness. Nilofer and I have a lovely conversation touches on vulnerability, courage, collaboration, innovation, power and how Steve Jobs taught her an interesting lesson by swearing at … Continue reading Episode 57 – Nilofer Merchant.