Episode 54 – Jordan Gross.

From Cloud Nine Living.

I am super excited to introduce to Jordan Gross, an entrepreneur, coach, activist and game-changer (all my words)  I am so impressed by Jordan’s clarity of vision, his focus on helping others see that they have choices and how he supports them to experience every possible emotion to make the most of the richness of life.

We discussed a range of topics including choice, origin stories, emotion, growth, accountability, vulnerability, awareness and so much more.

You can contact Jordan via the following means:

Web – https://www.journeytocloudnine.com/about 

LinkedIn –  https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordan-gross-8271905b/ 

Jordan is a Northwestern and Kellogg School of Management graduate, a two-time startup founder, a TEDx speaker, and a #1 best-selling author. His upcoming book, The Journey to Cloud Nine, provides a new approach to the personal development world by using fictional storytelling to reveal some of life’s most meaningful principles. Jordan has been asking hundreds of people around the world how they live their lives on cloud nine, and he cannot wait to share this with all of you! 

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