The Journey From Reactivity To Awakened Humans.

Ruh Global Communications. Garry Turner joins the program to discuss his journey of being bullied when he was younger, and how that helped him develop more empathy for himself and others. He reveals the power of vulnerability and explores what it means to be truly human. ¬† This episode was recorded live on Facebook, captioned … Continue reading The Journey From Reactivity To Awakened Humans.

Episode 56 – Andy Davies.

Head of Global Enablement at PeopleFirst. I was so grateful to Andy for his time today as we explored the PeopleFirst platform, vulnerability, HR, learning and so much more. The book FLOW that Andy referenced can be found here -> ¬† Andy advised that he is inspired by Dave Ulrich.  Dave kindly joined me as … Continue reading Episode 56 – Andy Davies.

Episode 55 – Nick Mcclelland.

Sales & Growth Leader at Mercer Marsh Benefits. I loved chatting with Nick, especially as a fellow international sales professional who has a passion for human-centric work. Nick and I had a great conversation touching on  leadership, D&I, sales, vulnerability, culture, job-crafting, education, coaching, networking, mindset & more. Nick can be contacted via the following … Continue reading Episode 55 – Nick Mcclelland.

Episode 54 – Jordan Gross.

From Cloud Nine Living. I am super excited to introduce to Jordan Gross, an entrepreneur, coach, activist and game-changer (all my words)  I am so impressed by Jordan's clarity of vision, his focus on helping others see that they have choices and how he supports them to experience every possible emotion to make the most … Continue reading Episode 54 – Jordan Gross.

Episode 53 – Oscar Trimboli.

Is on a mission to help 100m people listen more deeply. All I can say is wow - Totally impromptu, Oscar gives me a live coaching session, the first that this has happened on this podcast! We touched upon a wide range of topics including Oscar's 5 levels of listening, story-telling, vulnerability, courage, energy, sales … Continue reading Episode 53 – Oscar Trimboli.