Episode 49 – Stephanie Barnes.

Chief of Creativity & Analytics at Entelechy

I really enjoyed this conversation with Stephanie as she walks us through her interesting and eclectic work history from accountancy, to IT to innovation & creativity. I absolutely love her idea of an in-house artist studio.  I can well imagine losing, in a good way, 30 mins over lunch painting.   

Stephanie can be contacted via the following means: 

Website – https://www.realisation-of-potential.com/ 

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephanieabarnes/detail/contact-info/ 

Twitter – https://twitter.com/MPuzzlePiece “My background is as a painter, knowledge management consultant, IT process consultant, and accountant. Applying artistic practices and principles to your organisational challenges can help you develop new and innovative solutions. Applying artistic practices and principles to your personal situation can help you discover a way forward.” 

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