Episode 48 – Kevin Monroe.

From X-Factor Consulting.

What can I say?  I can talk to Kevin for hours, such a deeply present, caring, passionate person around bringing #HumansFirst to the masses.

I really enjoyed how Kevin shared a mix of his own origin story, his personal journey throughout the world of work through to how he has found reignited energy to push on with his podcast following the resounding success of the HumanFirst movement gaining traction in Q1 2019.

I am genuinely inspired by Kevin’s considered words, his deep presence, his care for humanity at large and his desire to ensure that every single human being gets heard and seen.  Truly inspiration.

Kevin can be contacted via the following means:

LinkedIn –  https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinmonroe/ 

Twitter –  https://twitter.com/kevin_monroe 

Website –  https://kevindmonroe.com/ 

Podcast –  https://kevindmonroe.com/listener/ 

 HumansFirst Club – https://humansfirst.club/ 

Podcast with Bob Chapman –  https://kevindmonroe.com/higher-purpose-podcast-88:-everybody-matters-with-bob-chapman/ 

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