Epsiode 41 – Colin Smith.

(The Listener) from Dexterity Solutions Limited.

I really enjoyed having Colin onto the podcast today.

He really is an impressive man, calm, present and generous of spirit. Colin serves individuals and leaders with one of the biggest gifts of our time – space and time to think.

We discuss the difference between passive & active listening, vulnerability, awareness, Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment, mindset and so much more.

Colin wrote a very interesting article recently which can be found here -> https://www.bizcatalyst360.com/when-was-the-last-time-you-really-felt-heard/

Colin can be contacted via the following means:

Website – https://dexteritysolutions.co.uk/the-listener/

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/colindsmith1/

Twitter – @katcolles 

My Exponential Human Potential article -> https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/exponential-human-contribution-garry-turner-mcipd/

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