Episode 30 Heather Hanson-Wickman, author & founder of Untethered Consulting

I had the absolute pleasure of welcoming Heather onto the podcast today.

We learn about where the name of her company came from, we discuss vulnerability, awareness & fear at length, review what gets in the way of moving from where we are today towards the future of work, mindset and more.

I was really interested to explore Heather’s new book The Evolved Executive in more detail – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Evolved-Executive-Future-Work-Action-ebook/dp/B07F6QGTYZ

An Inc article was also published recently highlighting the 4 mindsets that Heather advised Evolved Executives are mindful of -> https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6474006643276337152

Heather can be contacted via the following means:

Email – heather@untetheredconsulting.com

Website – https://www.untetheredconsulting.com/

Resources referenced by Heather during this podcast include the following:

• “DON MIGUEL RUIZ “ – The 4 agreements recommended by Heather

• Michael Singers work – https://untetheredsoul.com/

• Raj Sisodia ‘Firms of Endearment’

Please find here -> thelisteningorganisation.co.uk/ -> my human-centred cultural model in case this is of any interest

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