Episode 26 Mark Gilroy from TMS Development International Ltd

I had the absolute pleasure of welcoming Mark Gilroy, Managing Director of TMS Development International Ltd onto the podcast recently.

Mark and I have been connected for a couple of years now, liaising more online than off to date, so I was really excited to explore our views around inclusion, vulnerability & awareness in more detail.

Mark is a thoughtful, reflective person that exudes a sincerity & care for the other person that he is talking to, I really felt that – I can imagine his coaching sessions being excellent.

Aside from the above, we talk at length about social media, identity, credibility & it’s link back to self, vulnerability etc

Mark can be contacted as follows:


@thatmarkgilroy – Twitter

snap-leadership.com – blogging site

Here’s a write-up by Mark of Phil Willcox’s (@PhilWillcox) session on vulnerability/credibility as referenced in the podcast:


Some reports re: value of inclusion & diversity:



Other peers referenced that are well worth following include:

Helen Amery – @WildFigSolns

Rich Cooper – @uk_coops

Rob Baker – @BakerRJM

Matt O Neill – @mattoneill

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