Episode 24 – Raj Sisodia, Co-Founder of Conscious Capitalism

I had the absolute pleasure of welcoming Raj Sisodia, co-founder of the Conscious Capitalism movement and Distinguished Professor of Global Business at Babson College onto the podcast.

We covered a number of key themes including vulnerability, awareness & inclusion however, this conversation went much deeper & more fundamental based on Raj’s work around Conscious Capitalism and The Healing Organisation.

Raj shares a wonderful array of stories & statistics to bring his life’s work to life, but rather than me go on, please enjoy this most inspiring of podcasts.

Raj can be contacted as follows:



The talk & podcast that moved me so much to contact Raj were:


Raj has also written a number of books including:

Please find here -> https://thelisteningorganisation.co.uk/ -> my human-centred cultural model in case this is of any interest

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