Episode 16 – Kat Hounsell from Everyday People

In this chat today Kat & I discuss a wide range of topics from wellbeing, mental health, core values & purpose through to self-awareness, vulnerability, inclusion & the provocation of “what is work?” The wheresyourheadat campaign to petition government to make MHFAs compulsory can be found here – Please kindly sing the petition to help break 100k signatures: http://www.wheresyourheadat.org/ The inclusive leadership Deloitte study referenced by Kat can be found here: https://deloitte.wsj.com/cio/2016/05/04/6-characteristics-of-inclusive-leaders/ Kat can be contacted as follows: kat@everyday-people.co.uk www.everyday-people.co.uk @kat_hounsell @everyday_action Kat is leading a Mental Health First Aid fringe event at the upcoming Meaning conference which can be found here in case of interest: https://ti.to/mental-health-first-aid-meaning-fringe/mental-health-first-aid-champion-meaning-fringe 

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