Episode 8 – Han Szurek, Talent Partner

Han Szurek is an impressive, knowledgeable & experienced Talent Partner based in London. She has worked in Australia as well as in the UK in a variety of client facing roles covering talent, recruitment and culture. We talk about a wide range of topics today including the differences between Australian & UK enterprises in her experience to date, vulnerability, inclusion, mindset, feedback mediums, HRs challenges, performance reviews, the future of work and who is inspiring her the most right now. Han can be contacted via her Twitter handle @hanszures Please do offer feedback to Han and/or I. We welcome your challenges, suggestions and input to help keep moving this discussion forward. I can be contacted at @garryturner0 or https://www.linkedin.com/in/garryturnermcipd/ The #SelfCareWeekly Twitter chat takes place every Tuesday at 2000pm GMT 

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