Episode 2 – Perry Timms from PTHR on Freedom-Cent Leadership

This podcast discussion was carried out primarily as part of my journey through the WorldBlu Freedom-Centered Leadership (FCL) programme.
http://www.worldblu.com/ @tracifenton & @mirandaash

Interestingly and with great relevance to this podcast which focusses on the impact of self-awareness and vulnerability, Perry speaks about a wide range of topics from his current passion around the harnessing of energy in the workplace as evidenced by his recent TEDx Hult talk, his interpretation of what FCL looks like & the challenges that FCLs can face.

Perry referenced some people that he feels most evidence FCL qualities including:


Perrys blog from his recent TEDx talk can be found here: https://medium.com/@PerryTimms/the-edge-people-powered-design-c8cb58312485


Perrys book Transformational HR can also be found at the following:

Please find here -> https://thelisteningorganisation.co.uk/ -> my human-centred cultural model in case this is of any interest

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