Episode 1 – Helen Amery from Wild Fig Solutions

In this, the first guest episode of the Value through Vulnerability podcast, Helen and I explore self awareness in detail. 

What it is, how it is helpful and what gets in the way and so much more. Helen’s own business Wild Fig Solutions and her sister team coaching business Aligning Teams can be found as follows: http://wildfigsolutions.co.uk/ @WildFigSolns @AligningTeams 

Some of the references / models that Helen mentioned include: Joharis Window: http://www.selfawareness.org.uk/news/understanding-the-johari-window-model The Trust Equation: https://www.slideshare.net/derekwinter/the-trust-equation Disorienting Dilemmas – Mezirow: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/transformational-learning-kim-morgan/ https://emotionatwork.podbean.com/ – @PhilWillcox https://www.worldblu.com/ – @WorldBlu Freedom at Work Please find here -> https://thelisteningorganisation.co.uk/ -> my human-centred cultural model in case this is of any interest

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